Hisense 120L5F Review : Best projector for watching TV?

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Whats we like of the Hisense 120L5F projector

We love our Hisense 120L5F Projector. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a projector that can meet or beat the standards of the industry. It’s easy to set up, with a simple guide that makes it easy to get to the work you want to do. We’re even happy to offer it to companies that need to bring their projects to a meeting quickly and efficiently. We think that the Hisense 120L5F is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, and we’re happy to offer it at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.

Hisense 120L5F Design

Hisense is a leading provider of projectors and projectors for different industries. Their 120L5F design is perfect for the home, office, or home cinema. It can project up to 350 watts of power and has an automatic shutoff feature, making it easy to end power even when there is no power in the area. It is also weatherproof and have an anti-knocking design.

Quick overview of the Hisense 120L5F features

Here are some main features of the Hisense 120L5F projector:

  • Laser TV projector: The Hisense 120L5F uses a laser light source to deliver bright and vivid images on the screen. This ensures that the projector can provide an extended life that lasts for up to 25,000 hours.
  • Ultra-short throw: This projector is designed to sit very close to the screen, which means you don’t have to worry about placing the projector far away from the screen to get a large image. It can deliver a 120-inch image from just 7.2 inches away from the wall.
  • 4K UHD resolution: The Hisense 120L5F projector uses 4K resolution to ensure that viewers can enjoy crisp and clear images with high levels of detail. With this feature, you can see even the smallest details in movies, games or presentations.
  • HDR10 technology: This projector supports HDR10 technology, which means it can reproduce a wider range of colors and contrast ratios, so you can experience more life-like images.
  • Integrated speakers: The Hisense 120L5F projector comes with built-in speakers that provide high-quality sound to complete the cinematic experience.
  • Smart features and AI technology: This projector comes equipped with a smart platform that allows you to stream content from various services. Additionally, it is compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
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These features make the Hisense 120L5F projector an excellent option for both entertainment and business purposes, providing a stunning cinematic experience as well as convenient and efficient operations.

Features of the Hisense 120L5F


Hisense 120L5F Resolution

The Hisense 120L5F is a high-end projector that offers several advantages when it comes to its resolution. This projector boasts a 4K resolution, which means that it offers four times the pixel density of standard 1080p resolution. With this higher resolution, viewers can enjoy sharper, clearer images with more detail and depth. The projector also features HDR10 compatibility, which further enhances the color and contrast for a more immersive viewing experience. This makes the Hisense 120L5F an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates high-quality visuals, whether they’re watching movies, playing games, or giving professional presentations. Additionally, the projector’s ultra-short throw design means that it can be placed close to the screen or wall, making it a great option for smaller rooms or spaces where traditional projectors may not be practical.

Hisense 120L5F Contrast

The Hisense 120L5F projector boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 150000:1. This means that it can display deep blacks and bright whites simultaneously, resulting in a more immersive and lifelike image. The high contrast ratio can enhance the clarity and detail of the projected image, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from home theater to business presentations. Additionally, the projector has a 120-inch anti-glare screen which means that it can be used in brightly lit environments without any issues. Overall, the high contrast ratio of the Hisense 120L5F projector is one of its greatest advantages, providing an outstanding viewing experience that is sure to impress.

Hisense 120L5F Brigntness

The Hisense 120L5F projector boasts a brightness of 3000 lumens, making it an ideal option for projecting clear and vivid images even in brightly-lit rooms. With this level of brightness, the projector can produce high-quality visuals, making it perfect for use in home entertainment systems, boardrooms, and classrooms. The high brightness also ensures that images and videos remain visible and sharp, even when projected onto larger screens. Additionally, the Hisense 120L5F has a long-lasting laser light engine that provides up to 25,000 hours of viewing time, reducing the need for frequent bulb replacements. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses and personal use alike.

Hisense 120L5F Light Source


The Hisense 120L5F projector boasts a laser light source, which provides several advantages over traditional lamp-based projectors. First and foremost, laser projectors have longer lifespans than their lamp-based counterparts, with the 120L5F boasting a remarkable 25,000 hours of rated life. In addition, laser projectors are generally more energy-efficient, consuming less power and generating less heat. Laser light also has the advantage of being able to produce more accurate and vibrant colors than lamp-based projectors, resulting in a more vivid and immersive viewing experience. Finally, laser projectors are virtually maintenance-free, with no bulbs to replace or filters to clean. Overall, the laser light source in the Hisense 120L5F provides a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for those in search of a high-quality home theater projector.

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Hisense 120L5F Screen Size

The Hisense 120L5F projector is a great choice if you’re looking for a large screen experience without the need for a dedicated room. It has a 120-inch screen size, which means you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, or games on a much bigger scale. This can enhance your viewing experience by creating a more immersive environment with greater detail and clarity. Additionally, the projector uses a Laser TV technology that outputs bright and vivid images, with a high contrast ratio that creates deeper blacks and brighter whites. The result is a stunning, full-color display that is perfect for home entertainment. With the 120L5F, you won’t have to worry about bulky TV racks or mounting brackets as the projector can be easily installed on any wall. Overall, the Hisense 120L5F projector offers an array of benefits from its large screen size that can significantly enhance your viewing experience.

Hisense 120L5F Speakers

The Hisense 120L5F projector has multiple technical advantages when it comes to its speakers. Firstly, it boasts an impressive Harman Kardon sound system, which delivers exceptionally clear and dynamic audio. Secondly, it supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, which creates a highly immersive audio experience for the viewer. Additionally, the projector features a built-in TV tuner, which means it can be used as a standalone TV without the need for external speakers or a soundbar. Overall, the combination of the Harman Kardon sound system, Dolby Atmos support, and built-in TV tuner make the Hisense 120L5F a highly attractive option for anyone looking for a high-quality projector with exceptional audio capabilities.

Hisense 120L5F Connectivity


The Hisense 120L5F projector offers multiple connectivity options, which makes it a versatile choice for both personal and professional use. With HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this projector can be integrated with a variety of devices such as laptops, computers, gaming consoles, and even smartphones.

The HDMI ports allow for easy connectivity to Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles, while the USB port offers playback from external devices such as hard drives and flash drives. The Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi allow for easy streaming from online sources, making it possible to enjoy content from streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

The Hisense 120L5F projector also offers wireless mirroring, allowing you to easily display content from your phone or tablet on the big screen without having to use any additional cables or adapters. Overall, the diverse range of connectivity options offered by the Hisense 120L5F projector makes it a great choice for those looking to create a comprehensive audio-visual setup.

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Hisense 120L5F input lag

The Hisense 120L5F projector has a remarkably low input lag of only 16ms. This makes it an excellent choice for gamers or anyone who values fast and accurate response times when using the projector. The low input lag ensures that there is minimal delay between the input signal and the projected image, resulting in smoother and more immersive gameplay experiences. Additionally, the projector is equipped with 4K UHD resolution and HDR support, providing stunning image quality and color accuracy. Overall, the combination of low input lag and high quality visuals make the Hisense 120L5F a standout choice for anyone in search of a top-tier projector.

How to connect the Hisense 120L5F?

There’s a lot of information out there about how to connect the Hisense 120L5F projectors. But few of those tips are specific to projectors, and don’t necessarily apply to every projector. So in order to get the most out of your visit, you might want to take a look at this guide. It’ll help you find the right tips, advice, and recommendations for connecting the projectors you’re interested in.

Is the Hisense 120L5F projector good for gaming ?

The Hisense 120L5F is a projector that is gaining popularity among gaming enthusiasts due to its impressive features. The projector has a massive 120-inch screen size and a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is perfect for gaming. The projector also boasts a brightness of 3000 lumens, making it ideal for use in bright rooms.

When it comes to gaming, the Hisense 120L5F projector has a low input lag of 16ms, which means that the response time is fast and does not cause any delays or lag between the controller and the game. This makes gaming on the projector a seamless experience. Additionally, the projector has a high refresh rate of 60Hz, which ensures that there is no motion blur or ghosting during fast-paced games.

One of the notable features of the Hisense 120L5F projector is its ability to project images in 4K UHD resolution. This means that gamers can enjoy an immersive gaming experience with crystal-clear visuals, making it easy to spot enemies and navigate through the game. The projector also has HDR support, which enhances the contrast and color of the images, providing a more realistic and vibrant visual experience.

Overall, the Hisense 120L5F projector is a great option for gamers who want an immersive gaming experience. It has impressive features that make it ideal for gaming, including low input lag, high refresh rate, and 4K UHD resolution. Additionally, the projector is easy to set up and use, making it a convenient option for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on a big screen.

Box Content of the Hisense 120L5F projector


Certainly! Here are some items that come with the Hisense 120L5F projector:

  • The Hisense 120L5F projector unit itself
  • A remote control (including batteries)
  • A power cable
  • An HDMI cable (length may vary)
  • A quick setup guide
  • A safety and warranty booklet

It’s important to note that the exact contents of the box may vary slightly depending on where and when you purchase the product, as well as any promotions or variations offered by different retailers. However, these are generally the standard items included with the Hisense 120L5F projector.

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